A Basement Remodelling in Oakville, Ont.

Laqfoil recently completed a residential installation in an Oakville basement. Throughout the space, our team installed brand new iridescent sparkle stretch ceiling. The sparkles are on a base of white canvas-textured membrane. Pictures cannot do justice to the results, as it is very difficult to get sparkles to show up in pictures, and impossible to portray how they change colour as light moves across them. If you are interested in this material however, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or drop in on us to see it for yourself! In the bathroom, hallway and shower enclosure, Laqfoil Ltd.

Iridescent Sparkle Stretch Ceiling

amazing waffle backlit ceiling with matt stretch ceiling

installed high gloss membrane in colours to go with each space. This material comes in over 280 colours and the colour is integral rather than surface-applied, so it will never fade or come off in any way.

Our in-team designers also came up with a wall backlit concept, where translucent stretch ceiling membrane digitally printed with a vector graphic and mounted along an S-curved wall in front of LED lighting.

yellow backlit printed wall cover by laqfoil team Toronto

Not only is the result beautiful to look at, it will also provide a soft diffused lighting option for the space. Although the graphic is applied after the membrane has been manufactured, the ink used forms a molecular bond with the material, so like our integral colour, it will never fade, crack, peel, or separate from the membrane in any way. –Esther Yates-Abrams

Modern Washroom with Reflective Stretch Ceiling Toronto
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Few Photos of The Project


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