Light up your Life with Stretch Ceilings

Light up your Life with Stretch Ceilings.

Custom Reception Area with Modular Structure Backlit Stretch Ceiling

translucent Stretch Ceiling provides a unique opportunity to create a backlit finish.  Installed either on a wall or a ceiling surface, this texture transmits up to 90% of light. Thanks to dozens of different types of aluminum and plastic extrusions created by Laqfoil, we can create and build any type of 3D fixtures.

Self-hanging, suspended boxes, frames, panels, arches created in any shape imaginable, could be finished by translucent membrane with printed graphic and even backlit.

Imagine a printed image of a blue sky or seashore with a touch of light behind the scene. Or better yet, the size of your wall, night city panoramic view, where high-rise buildings have lights in its offices or, an abstract vector image on white translucent membrane, played along by RGB LED light, which changes the color of your ceilings periodically.

Having all these options available, the only limit to it… your creativity.

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