Low, Raw or High Condo Ceiling?

So, you bought a condo with virtually no ceiling, instead of which you have a concrete shield with clearly visible construction structure? And when you move in there, you realised, that you feel, not really comfortable in this “minimalist interior décor”.

Laqfoil Stretch Ceiling Solution

Luxury Family Room with Black Glossy Stretch Ceiling by Laqfoil

How to fix it with no mess, quickly and inexpensively? The answer is simple – choose the right colour or unique image for your ceiling and let us do the rest – measure, manufacture and install a brand new fully customised ceiling in your condo with no mess, quickly and of course without draining your bank account.

“Suddenly my heart is touched, it does me good, I am happy, I say: that is beautiful. That is architecture. Art is present”. Le Corbusier

Laqfoil Ltd. is Toronto based manufacturer and full service leading provider of stretch ceilings and related stretch technology products. With numerous colors and images to choose from, the design options are unlimited.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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We will Jazz Up your lifestyle

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condo hallway with luxury reflective stretch ceiling


Resolving New Condominium Issues with Stretch Ceiling