Stretch Ceiling Waterproof Properties

“Nothing could be beautiful, which is not useful” Otto Wagner

In this issue we explain how stretch ceiling technology works in high dampness areas, such as indoor swimming pool. First of all it does not accumulate condensation, secondly, it preserves it’s perfect decorative appearance for years, thirdly it reflects water and alive waves on pool’s surface, adding always a fresh look across this area and finally with numerous of stretch ceiling shapes, colors and images to choose from, the design options are unlimited.

Stretch Ceiling Technology

purple stretch ceiling in jacuzzi bathtub room

Stretch ceiling technology will also eliminate echoes in your swimming pool area, and music surrounding you will stream with no distortion. Add there multicolored LED hidden lighting and no mess installation with no water drain during the process and enjoy your redesigned swimming pool area at its best.

amazing bathroom with hot tub and custom printed ceiling

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