Backlit Ceilings – Light Up Your Interior

Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings offers many great solutions for updating look of any room or interior space. With the variety of colours and textures available, it is easy to create any mood, style and atmosphere desired. Stretch ceilings are great when it comes to incorporating systems of ventilation, air conditioning, sprinklers, alarm systems, or masking wiring and deficiencies such as cracks or stains of the present ceiling.

They also look beautiful when combined with lighting, especially recessed lights (often called “pot lights” in Canada)

Reflective Ceilings and Backlit Ceilings

Custom Bedroom with Amazing Reflective Stretch Ceiling

Lighting is very important in any room – it creates mood and pleasant atmosphere, adds accents to certain areas of interior, and serves many functional purposes. When creating the perfect atmosphere in your room or any interior space, avoid having only one central light, as it creates hard shadows and glare. Uniformly distribute the light around your room with help of pot lights, table and floored lamps.

Multilevel Backlit Matte Stretch Ceiling in Condo Family Room

Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings now offers decorative lights to help complement and complete the effect you are seeking. Stretch ceiling works great at reflecting light and spreading it around the room without having to add an additional light source.

For a soft reflection choose light coloured matte stretch ceilings.

White Reflective Stretch Ceiling in Luxury Living Room

With its wide range of applications and styles, pot lights are becoming very popular choice of lightning. Aluminum or metallic, with crystal or glass detailing, pot lights come in variety shapes, sizes and forms.

They will help add accent to any interior detail, and create beautiful visual effects. In addition, when combined with Laqfoil Stretch Ceiling’s high gloss stretch ceiling, pot lights create a beautiful reflection.


Light up your Life with Stretch Ceilings