Laqfoil Ltd. specializes in manufacturing, supplying, servicing and installing stretch fabric products for commercial & residential use

custom hotel lobby with black glossy stretch ceiling cyprus

Laqfoil Ltd. is a diverse, highly advanced and the only company in North America that specializes in manufacturing, supplying, servicing and installing stretch fabric products.

We frequently collaborate with professionals in design, architecture, construction and property management. Unlike residential projects, commercial projects can be quite challenging. Large areas, open-roof ceilings, structural complexities—all those details require an extra effort, knowledge, and creativity with the design and construction.

Since stretch fabric technology is fairly new to the design and build industry, interior designers and architects who work with it are ahead of the curve. It also goes without saying that once stretch fabrics are installed, the results are breathtaking, which is why they are rapidly taking over the North American markets.

Stretch fabrics are gaining popularity among professionals due to their tremendous benefit. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, stretch

Some of Our Valuable Clients

Why Professionals Choose to Work with Stretch Fabric Technology

Structures with High Ceilings

One of the biggest issues for many commercial projects is high ceilings. Although high ceilings are considered an attractive feature, they are often problematic to work with. They are difficult to maintain and often have exposed beams and utility lines, making them seem unfinished and unappealing. There are certain options to consider such as installing ceiling tiles or drywall as a cover for the pipes in the ceiling, but these aren’t sustainable solutions. And this is when stretch fabric technology makes a wonderful option.

Stretch fabrics are not just aesthetically attractive, they are also highly practical. Instead of opting for tiles or drywall, professionals use stretch fabrics to cover up any imperfections in high ceilings as well as exposed utility lines while giving the space a wow factor.

in progress of installing high gloss stretch ceiling over plain ceiling in pool area
Kitchen & Dining white reflective ceiling and wall painting

Better Lighting

Apartment buildings usually come in modular designs. Every unit has the same blueprint in terms of electrical, plumbing, lighting, etc. Although this approach makes the construction process easier, it does often result in awkwardly-placed light fixtures, poor lighting, and several side lamps that take up space in the room.

Stretch fabrics, however, are compatible with different types of light fixtures which can be installed on top of the stretch fabric, allowing the homeowner to place lights in a more convenient layout. Electrical wiring can be easily extended and hidden under the stretch fabric to maintain a clean-looking ceiling that’s also visually appealing at the same time.

Acoustic Treatment

Theatres, auditoriums, conference rooms, and concert halls must have great sound quality. When sound waves reflect off of surfaces, it could distort the quality of the sound, and reduce its quality. Stretch fabrics can be installed on the ceilings and walls of such venues to improve their acoustics. They neutralize sound and distribute it evenly, making such areas sonically pleasing in addition to their aesthetic design.

Linear Lights Ceiling in amazing restaurant by laqfoil team
back lit high gloss stretch ceiling in custom pool area

Customizability and Durability

Designers, architects, and builders find great value in using stretch fabric technology because the product can be customized based on the space you work on. Moreover, stretch fabrics are long-lasting and require little maintenance in the long run, making them a go-to option for professionals.

The materials used in stretch fabrics and wall products are guaranteed to last in top condition for years. They are antimicrobial, resistant to mould, flame-retardant and will not wrap or shrink. These qualities make stretch fabrics a perfect solution in areas that might be subject to moisture and heat over time such as indoor pools, saunas, gyms, and recreational facilities.

Our Line of Stretch Fabric Products

Laqfoil’s Advantages

Being in the industry for over 11 years, we have built our reputation and gained our credibility for our professionalism, hard work and dedication to our clients. Working with us includes:

  1. Canadian manufacturing and supply
  2. Professional customer service and support
  3. Quick lead time on production
  4. Client referral program
  5. 15-year warranty policy

We look forward to connecting with professionals in interior design, architecture and construction. Contact us directly to learn more about our products.

multilevel reflective stretch ceiling

Peek at Our Commercial Projects

equinox hotels logo

Our team at Laqfoil worked alongside PBDW Architects (New York), interior designers Yabu Pushelberg (New York) and Joyce Wang Studio (Hong Kong), and the senior designer, Jonathan Perkins, to create a one-of-a-kind ceiling design for the Equinox Hotel. The stretch ceilings in the reception, fitness and pool areas are one of the most eye-catching features of the building.

  • Equinox building - stretch ceiling for building

  • swimming pool with stretch ceiling led lights
Imperial plaza logo

Laqfoil stretch fabric is an amazing solution for high humidity facilities. Not that it doesn’t require any maintenance over years,  but it also doesn’t develop or accumulate any moisture, bacteria, chlorine or vapours. Benefits of technology allow us to create a solid surface despite the complexities of structural obstacles.
Our stretch ceilings will protect ground level details in cases of flood, chipped drywall and dust.
As needed, ceiling can be easily removed fully or partially and reinstalled subsequently within minutes

GTAA logo
  • blue and white backlit stretch ceiling in modern office by laqfoil

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