Healthcare Design at Polyclinic Rehabilitation Institute

Rehabilitation after an injury or surgery is not always an easy process, but regaining the maximum use of one’s body is well worth the effort. In an effort to make the process more pleasant, Dr. Vlad Levitin, D.C., called upon us at Laqfoil to help with the ceiling designs and bespoke lighting for his new Polyclinic Rehabilitation Institute at 2 Champagne Dr., North York, Ontario.

Digitally Printed on Translucent Stretch Material

Amazing Custom Printed Ceiling by Laqfoil

Interior design for medical spaces is a specialized field within interior design, with a whole set of concerns beyond those of other institutional interior designs. Healthcare design concerns include making aisles spacious enough for people using mobility devices, like canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. Lighting design must provide adequate light for all levels of vision, without any blinding ‘hot spots’.

small GYM with matte backlit stretch ceiling

Surfaces must not harbour microorganisms such as bacteria or mould. Washable surface materials are necessary. Changes in floor level and stairs must be clearly defined.

For reasons just like these, Laqfoil stretch ceiling is a perfect interior design material for the healthcare field. It’s non-porous and washable, and it has a natural static balance that makes it a dust free surface.

matte backlit stretch ceiling in custom GYM by laqfoil

Most of all though, rehabilitating patients need to keep their spirits up, and that’s where Laqfoil really shines. Where it may not be possible to install a skylight, we can digitally print a permanently sunny sky on our translucent membrane, and install that as a diffuser in a custom lighting feature, using fluorescent lamping or LED lights. That’s what we did in this case.

stretch ceiling with backlit in custom GYM

Even when actual skylights are buried under snow and grey skies in the winter, there will always be blue skies for the patients here!

The new clinic’s office interior design compliments the clinic interior design, featuring close-up images of burlap fabric that we digitally printed on our translucent stretch material to add natural texture to the lighting design, without the germ-harbouring dangers of actual burlap.

amazing gym with luxury stretch ceiling

When the light shines through a photograph of a material, the result can be a whole new creation; light shining through burlap fabric would only be seen in tiny specks between the weave of the fabric, but here, the texture shows as if light were shining both through and on the surface of the burlap! Overall, the lighting effect is restfully natural, yet neatly structured.

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