Laqfoil in Montréal for the HomeExpo

We recently travelled to Montréal, Quebec, Canada, for the Home Expo, held at Olympic Stadium from February 6 to 9, 2014.

Laqfoil authorized distributor Plafonds O En Couleurs displayed a striking red feature wall in a residential bathroom setting to show how appropriate Laqfoil is for wet rooms, because it’s impervious to steam and thus protects your walls and ceiling from moisture damage. Actually, although this bathroom doesn’t show it, Laqfoil can be used in place of tiles or a tub surround in direct contact with shower water. The profiles that hold the membrane in place are also completely immune to moisture, and we offer the option of sealing them to your wall with silicone when we do your installation.

Laqfoil Home Expo Stretch Ceiling Booth

Custom Sign by Laqfoil

Also displayed was a high-gloss printed sign. What is special about this is that opaque white ink was used to print on the glossy black background. This way, the glossiness is retained, as ink naturally applies with a matte finish. This opens up new possibilities for creativity, for instance a matte white design on a high gloss white ceiling. To visualize this idea, take a look at these gorgeous tone-on-tone walls at Houzz.

Luxury Bathroom with Amazing Reflective Stretch Wall Cover

Alternately, there are also possibilities for printed opaque white designs on translucent white membranes with lighting placed behind for subtle effects.

Finally, Plafonds O en Couleurs showed our ever popular classic pure white high gloss ceiling in a sample kitchen. Not only is Laqfoil stretch ceiling immune to steam, it’s also immune to all cooking odours.

Custom Kitchen with Reflective Stretch Ceiling

It has natural static properties that cause it to repel dust and other tiny particulates, and if something should happen to stick to it, a soft damp cloth will wipe it clean. In addition to never fading, it never yellows.

Although everything shown here has a high gloss finish, we not only carry matte finish, there are variations within “matte” from sand to suede, and we also carry satin finish in all of our over 280 colours.

–Esther Yates-Abrams

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