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Change your interiors, change your lifestyle.

Laqfoil ceiling products can be utilized both at the construction and renovation phase for any residential or commercial project.

In terms of design, we have over 280 stock colors and textures, and can create custom shapes, suspended panels, back lit panels, three dimensional and multilevel forms.

There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors…” Jim Morrison

What Is Stretch Ceiling

laqfoil team is Covering up Stucco by applying reflective stretch ceiling

A Stretch ceiling consists of a membrane or fabric, stretched wall to wall, custom-made to any size and surrounded by a welded harpoon. The tracks allow for any shape and suspension and are cut and secured to the perimeter of your room using various types of anchors chosen, according to the material nature of the existing wall, ceiling, or sub-framing to which they will attach.

amazing condo apartment living room with high gloss stretch ceiling USA

LAQFOIL technology provides an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and environment friendly alternative to common drywall and stucco ceiling finishes and allows for the direct application of wide-format prints, seamlessly incorporates light and illumination and improves the acoustics of a room.

It is easy to install and maintain, does not fade or lose tension over time, saves heat and energy, and is recyclable.

Jazz up Your Lifestyle!!

Play by your own rules: do what you love to do designing your living space.

Custom Kitchen with Multilevel White and Red Reflective Stretch Ceiling

In Laqfoil we love what we do. We hope you will too. If you want something with grace and elegance, modern and contemporary, invite us to help you with your ceilings and walls. We want you to create an interior design that you will love: fresh, amazing, cool and romantic without any compromise and indifference. And what is really amazing, we will do it just in one day.

From a design standpoint Laqfoil will give you visual comfort around your living space. More than just a manufacturer of beautiful ceilings for residential and commercial properties, Laqfoil creates passion in interior design, combined with easy installation process and never having to tackle repairs to some of the most important surfaces in your home.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and imagination in it”. Goethe

Are You a Landlord and Ready for Renovation?

classic dining hallway with printed ceiling by laqfoil team Mexico

Status does not need a symbol… an address! So you decided to open a restaurant or trendy boutique, chose location and signed all documents. Now what? R-E-N-O-V-A-T-I-O-N

And we strongly recommend to think about your ceilings. Are they too high? We know the solutions, are they too low – we know how to raise them visually, because at Laqfoil we know all about ceilings and how to convert their plain look to amazing designer solutions.

Luxury Condo Apartment with High Gloss Stretch Ceiling

Same for your brand new condo loft, or dated home purchased because of its location, where everything is at hand. Laqfoil ceiling products can be utilized both at the construction and renovation phase for any residential or commercial project.

The application range of our ceilings is absolutely unlimited and can be used in any type of houses, condominiums, offices, showrooms, retail boutiques, clubs, restaurants, swimming pools and the list goes on.

Try it and you’ll understand!

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