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A recent article in the Toronto daily newsmagazine 24hrs (Thien Huynh, Nov. 29, 2013) informs us that repainting residential walls just for the holidays, or a holiday party is on the rise. Leonidha Gucci’s “phone has been ringing off the hook”, specifically with holiday themed interior painting requests, since he recommended a metallic red and silver colour scheme to a client who had requested a red and green dining room for a holiday party.

Seasonal Membranes Walls & Ceilings

Luxury Family Room with Custom Wall Cover

Laqfoil has another suggestion: Instead of, or in addition to changing wall or ceiling colour on a seasonal basis, you can also change graphics on your walls and/or ceiling. The Air Canada Centre in Toronto sports a series of wall-mounted frames which we constructed and installed, and we install current photographs in them every few months to keep the the backstage atmosphere there active, interesting and current.

Amazing Wall Mural in Family Room by Laqfoil

Our usual pricing per square foot includes installation, so once the profiles are up, the price for a new membrane is considerably lower. You can keep your out-of-season membranes and we can put them back up when the season rolls around again, too!

Luxury Kids Room with Custom Wall Cover and Multilevel Stretch Ceiling

This is a fun idea for your home, but if you have a business which relies on generating seasonal excitement such as retail clothing or accessories, it might also be a serious way to keep your leger where you want it to be!

Amazing Bedroom with Custom Wall Mural

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