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Laqfoil carries two different types of stretch ceiling membrane, the stretchier PVC sheet, which comes in high gloss, matte, and satin finishes, and our less stretchy, digital printer friendly canvas-textured material, which has a matte finish, and is available with iridescent sparkles. Both are fully recyclable, both are available with perforations for acoustic applications, or without perforations for water and vapour barrier applications. Both can also be installed in a double layer for added acoustic control, as well as water/vapour barrier benefits. Which one comes in translucent, for backlighting effects? Both!

We recently installed translucent canvas-textured membrane over monochromatic LED strip lighting in a new Thornhill medical clinic. (RGB LED lighting is also available for special colour effects)

Translucent Canvas-Textured Membrane

Royal Toast Creepers back lit custom wall cover made by laqfoil dubai

Pureflow Healthcare’s specialists are proud of their new patient-focused approach to healthcare. It was announced that the clinic will be staffed with family doctors, psychiatrists, a cardiologist, an osteopath, and a physical therapist as well as other doctors and healthcare providers to start, and features CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) therapy machines as well as other
alternative modalities for the treatment of snoring and various sleep-related issues.

In keeping with the name and concept of the clinic, designer Emilia Jojart of Intex DZGN created a feeling of wellness and the flow of energetic life force, avoiding harsh corners and angles as much as possible in favour of curved flowing lines. The colours featured, Blue and white symbolizing water, as well as purple and yellow, were chosen for their association with the chakras of Indian healing.

amazing back lit printed wall mural in custom office
backlit custom wall cover in toronto office

Located behind the main reception desk, the translucent stretch membrane wall installation completes this picture, clearly communicating the clinic’s identity and values in one beautiful image.

Pureflow is located at 10 Disera Drive, unit 170, Thornhill, ON L4J0A7.

Their phone number is 905-763-6333 and will be open near the end of December 2013.

Update: Pureflow Healthcare’s website is up! You can find it here.

–Esther Yates-Abrams


20 Magnetic Dr., Unit # 2
Toronto, Ont. M3J 2C4

Tel: 416 663 1708
Fax: 416 663 1707
Toll Free : 1 888 663 1708
Email: info@laqfoil.com

Few Photos of The Project


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