Royal Toast Cafe · Crêperie

Thornhill has a new Kosher eatery, and it shines! With the tagline “Create Your Own”, Royal Toast is a unique spot to experience various styles of Panini and crepes in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

Reflective Stretch Ceiling by Laqfoil

two tone black and white high gloss stretch ceiling

The bistro’s new black and white reflective stretch ceiling completes a timeless look featuring equally glossy ceramic tiles, multiple video screens, and a feature wall of happy words. A retro logo and Coca-Cola emblazoned refrigerator add an aura of authenticity to the interior design, while long, high bar-style tables encourage communal socializing.

Royal Toast manages to expertly balance clean stark modernity with a genuinely heimish warmth.

Royal Toast restaurant with amazing multilevel stretch ceiling

–Esther Yates-Abrams

Laqfoil Ltd.

20 Magnetic Dr., Unit # 2
Toronto, Ont. M3J 2C4

Tel: 416 663 1708
Fax: 416 663 1707
Toll Free: 1 888 663 1708

Few Photos of The Project


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