Portraits for Mirage Restaurant

Laqfoil stretch ceiling comes as a system of membrane and tracks, or profiles, which hold the membrane in place. This simple two part configuration is amazingly versatile, enabling us to install stretched ceilings and stretched wall murals of various shapes and sizes including curved ceilings and multi-level ceilings. With the addition of translucent stretch ceiling material, we can also install LED backlit walls and LED backlit ceilings, and fluorescent backlit walls and ceilings. We can wide-format print on nearly any stretch membrane material that we carry, and what we print is entirely up to our customer. Despite this great versatility, we frequently find ourselves scratching our heads and stretching our imaginations to do something new!

Printed Stretch Membrane

large custom printed banners and wall murals Kelowna

Mirage Restaurant in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada recently presented us with another such opportunity. We have made wall art and murals before using stretch ceiling technology, but we had installed these as we normally install a ceiling; by screwing profiles into the wall all around the perimeter of the area where the image will go, and then tucking printed stretch membrane into the profiles.

This may seem like an odd way to hang a picture, but it has advantages: The picture never hangs crooked, and we can un-tuck the membrane, leaving the frame in place, to change the image displayed. We do this on a regular basis with up-to-date images from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, for its back-of-house decor. Used printed membrane may be stored and used again, or it may be recycled.

amazing wall murals by laqoil

We couldn’t use this installation method with Mirage, however, because the existing interior design features lavishly mirrored walls. Our brilliant installers are as versatile as our product though, so they devised a method of supporting the narrow aluminum profiles invisibly from behind, and voilà, we now have available to you, narrow-framed printed panels for walls and/or ceilings, in the size of your choosing!

These panels still use the same aluminum profiles that we normally use, so the printed stretch membrane which they frame can be removed for storage or recycling, and a new image may be installed. We can also do this with back lit translucent membrane, but the thickness of the frame would depend upon the placement of the lighting – call us, we’re versatile!

–Esther Yates-Abrams

Marketing + Communications, Laqfoil Ltd.

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Toronto, Ont. M3J 2C4


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