Stretch Ceiling Solves Indoor Pool Issues

Stretch ceiling is an especially suitable product for rooms containing pools, hot tubs, and other sources of high humidity and chemical vapours like chlorine and bromine.

Multilevel Modular Structure in Luxury Pool Room

Being non-porous, Laqfoil’s stretch membrane resists mould and mildew which can grow in moist environments, and blocks the spread of humidity, chemical vapours and smells into the surrounding building.

This Caledonia, Ontario bungalow has a pool with walk-out access to an outdoor patio on the foundation level. Above the ceiling, which is steel I-beam construction, is the living room. The owner wanted to contain moisture and sound within the pool area, while creating aesthetic appeal and remaining within budget.

Most residential spaces only require stretch ceiling support around the perimeter of the room, but swimming pool rooms are unusually large, so we opted to install the stretch ceiling in sections, attaching the support profiles directly to the I-Beams.

Blue Glossy Modular Structure in Amazing Swimming Pool Area

The client chose a golden classical graphic to print on the centre sections. The entire family is happy with the results. The whole project came in at under $10, 000 and a turnaround time of less than 2 weeks. I had a brief opportunity to chat with our client, and he said: “I am very pleased!!

–Esther Yates-Abrams

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Few Photos of The Project


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